Congrats to all the Wrentham Stars

The Wrentham Dancing with The Stars was held on Friday night. After months of practicing everyone performed well. Congrats to all the stars and theirs instructors. A hugh amount of money was raised for charities in Wrentham.  See the write up in the Wrentham Times.

Smooth Master Group Class with Ilya Reyzin

Smooth Master Group Class with Ilya Reyzin

Thursday, April 17, 2014  8:30 ~ 9:15

$20 per person (pre-paid)   6 person minimum requirement

Deadline for Sign-up & Payment

Thursday, April 10, 2014

[nicepaypallite name=”Ilya group class” amount=”20.00″]

Thank you for the clothes from St. Johnsbury

The St Johnsbury School would like to thank everyone who helped make this clothing drive a success. The St Johnsbury community is appreciative of your generosity and the clothes will go to help many children in need.

Shannon and Mike Redmon

Come to Savaria and get healthy

Dancing is a fun way to get healthy.  Dancing can help you to lose weight, increase your cardio, reduce stress, help to give you more energy and it can help you to sleep better.  All of these great things happen to your body because dancing  increases circulation so that your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Come to the Savaria Dance Studio  to learn how to ballroom or Latin dance.  You can also participate in one of our  Zumba classes.

You don’t need to bring a partner.  You can bring a friend or a group of friends to our studio to learn how to dance.

Check out our hours and our dance teachers on our web site.

Hope to see you soon at the Savaria Dance Studio which is a fun place that can help to make you a healthier and happier person.

Get moving with Country Two-Step in April

Come join Lewis for

 Two-Step Group Classes

No Dance experience necessary

& new students are very welcome!

Special 2-Hour Group Classes

Saturdays from 12~2 pm 

April 5, 12 & 26


$25 per class in advance

$30 per class walk-in


Free Two-Step Practice April 26

2~3 pm

Pay for April 26th ~ $25 [nicepaypallite name=”1 two-step Apr 26th” amount=”25.00″]

Pay for a couple for April 26th ~ $50 [nicepaypallite name=”couple 2-step Apr 26th” amount=”50.00″]

Thank-you to all our “stars” who are performing at our Showcase

We are looking forward to our showcase on Sunday at Raffael’s.  None of it would be possible without our students who practice and practice for up to 6 months in order to perform for us. It is always a fun time and we are looking forward to watching all the performances.  Watching them again on dvd is always a surprise when you see moments that you missed. The great recording is provided by True Focus Video and the music is always great thanks to Java-Jive. The beautiful table decorations are provided by Bronwen Flowers. We are grateful the support of all the people who buy tickets for our showcases.

Thanks to  OUR STARS
Barbara Gonzales,

Carl Formichelli,

Susan Kelly, 

Mary Donnelly,

Ryan Mc Carthy,

Leslie Warner-Maloney,

Debbie Kouri,

Jeff Bodio,

Kevin Maloney,

Julie Sullivan,

Rebecca Wilson ,

Leanne Smith, 

Peggy Sergi ,

Tom Dukes ,

Liz Mc Chesney ,

Judi Cairo ,

Olga Bassett ,

Svitlana Grankovska ,

 & Beth Cilento

Also many thanks to  our great instructors

Kim Harris, Jan Ondrias, Petr Dubovsky & Lewis Inman.

And lastly thank-you to Jan Ondrias & Vivian Lessa for performing.

My last practice before the showcase on Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Savaria Spring Showcase is this Sunday, March 16, 2014.  Tonight is my last practice with Kevin for our samba routine.  We have improved greatly over the past few weeks but mistakes can still be made.  At this point, I start to really enjoy the routine and the dancing.  I always have my favorite steps and the steps that I am still trying to get right all the time.

Kevin and I have been dancing together since we were in college together.  It has always been fun but at times, you need to work at it and with your partner.  We are smiling more at this point of the practicing for the show.  We will be smiling on Sunday especially at the end of our dance routine because we will have reached our goal thanks to the help of our dance teacher, Kim and the hours of practicing the samba together.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep me away from my practice sessions for the Showcase

The weather that we have been having in the past six weeks has made everyone’s life very challenging  at times.

I have been trying to get to the studio to practice the two routines that I will be performing at our Spring Showcase on Sunday, March 16, 2014.  At one point, I was looking out the window during my practice session with Jan and thinking that route one in Norwood is very pretty when it is snowing.   I did get home safely that day after practicing a fun routine with Jan.

Kevin and I have been practicing our showcase which is a Samba dance routine.  We originally learned this dance routine about 12 years ago but never performed it together.  We make time in our week to go to the studio to practice which is not always easy to do.

Dancing at Savaria is a distraction from the real world and an escape from the worries and concerns of everyday life.  Sometimes getting there can be a hassle with the winter weather and busy schedules but it is always worth making the effort.

A Glimpse at a Showcase Performance

I just found this blog on the web-site of True Focus Films ~ Richard Kim records all of our showcases  and this is a great performance by Olga and her instructor Petr. It is a great example of our showcase.


If you want to come see our Showcase – last tickets sold next Tuesday the 4th!

Don’t miss out!              

Eastern Dancesport Competiton, February 14-16, 2014

I attended the Eastern Dancesport Competition on Saturday, February 15, 2014 which took place at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel in Boston, MA.  Our students competed from Friday, February 14 until Sunday February 16.  Our dancers Kim and Jan competed with their professional dance partners on Friday and Saturday evenings.

I arrived at the competition at 7:30 AM on Saturday, February 15  and stayed in the ballroom until 12:30 AM.  I did leave to have dinner for a few hours.  So, what did I do all those hours in the ballroom?  I watched our students dance with their instructors, our dancers.  My husband, Kevin and I took over 1,000 pictures of our students dancing during their heats and at our home base, table K23.  I brought snacks and candy. I cheered for our competitors and felt proud.  Everyone looked great in every way.  They were prepared for this competition and they shined on the floor.  They received ribbons and awards for their dancing.  All of their hard work paid off.

I work hard for the Savaria Dance Studio behind the scenes and watching our students and instructors dance makes it all worthwhile to me.  I am so proud of everyone and I look forward to the next competition to see them again in their best light.