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10 Top Reasons to Dance with Lewis Inman

The Ten Top Reasons to Dance with Lewis Inman are:

1. Experienced Dancer…He has danced for over 20 years.

2. Excellent Choreographer…Have you seen our Performance Team dance at our showcases?  Lewis has been the choreographer for all of their performances.

3. Lewis can teach a group lesson for students at all different levels.  He is our instructor for our Dance of the Month group lessons which are extremely successful.

4. Lewis  looks out for others.

5. Genuine

6. Helpful

7. Lewis gives to the community.  He has participated in Dancing With the Stars in Wrentham and for ARC events.

8. Loyal

9. Creative.  Lewis has beautifully decorated our studio for parties.

10.  Lewis is an excellent teacher.  All of his students learn how to dance!!!


Welcome Tomas Vasicek and take a FREE lesson with him

We are excited to have Tomas join the Savaria family on Monday 23rd June. If you have not danced with Tomas then you should book a FREE lesson to be taken during his first week here.

His bio is https://www.savariadance.com/cms/instructors/tomas-vasicek

What it does not say is that he is married to our own Kimberly Harris and they compete professionally all over the world.

Tomas is a high energy instructor and brings a fresh teaching experience to Savaria!


The Ten Top Reasons to Dance with Kimberly Harris-Vasickova

The Ten Top Reasons to Dance with Kimberly Harris-Vasickova

1. Experienced Dancer (Kim has danced over 25 years)

2. A Hard Worker and Dedicated to her students and her dancing

3. Friendly and Kind Hearted

4. Competitive (She competes with her husband, Tomas and her students in several competitions every year.)

5. Lives a Healthy Life Style

6. Gives to the Community (Kim and her husband, Tomas perform at charity events)

7. Energetic (She participates in several showcases and competitions every year)

8. Loyal

9. Creative

10. Excellent Dance Teacher (All of her students learn how to dance)



Summer Competition ~ begins at our Beach Party!

Our summer competition begins at our beach  party Dance Party on May 22nd

The Competition runs thru  August 28th.


You will acquire points for coming to dance at the studio.

The points are as follows ~
One Private Lesson – 1 point

One Group Class – 2 points

One Dance Party – 3 points

Points will be awarded automatically when you have a private lesson or come to a group class or party.

A chart of the total points acquired, by person will be posted weekly.

What you will win

First place ~ TWO guest Showcase Tickets 

– ONE private lesson with a Savaria Instructor of your choice.

Third Place
– FIVE group classes

 Good luck & happy dancing!

The Ten Top Reasons to Dance with our instructor, Petr Dubovsky

The Ten Top Reasons to Dance with our dance instructor, Petr Dubovsky


1. Experienced Dancer (over 20 years)

2. Extremely Energetic.  He participates in several showcases with his students every year.

3. Competitive!! He participates in several competitions with his students every year.

4. Fun!!   He makes everyone laugh!

5. Contributes to his town of Wrentham.  He has participated in Dancing with the Stars in Wrentham for two years.  The event raised over $80,000.00 for the town this year.  He placed first with his partner this year.

6. True Boston Sports Fan

7. Golfer

8. Loyal

9. Remembers everything

10. Excellent dance teacher.  All of his students learn how to dance.

Come to the Savaria Dance Studio and dance with Petr.  It will be a fun way to learn how to dance.


Come to Our Group Lessons

A fun way to learn to dance is to join one of our group lessons.  We have group lessons at all levels Monday through Thursday evenings. On Thursdays at 7 PM, we have the Dance of the Month group class.  One type of dance is taught during the entire lesson for four weeks.  We also offer group lessons on Saturdays.

When you participate in the group lessons at our studio, you learn to dance in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  It is a great way to get into shape and meet other people.  Take a break from the stresses of life and learn how to dance with others at the Savaria Dance Studio.

Partners are not required when you come to the Savaria Dance Studio.

Please check our website for a complete details for dates and times.

Great Dance Party ~ thanks Lewis!

We had a great turn out last night for the dance party in honor of Lewis. Everyone enjoyed the games, food & dancing.  He put together  new dance party music which kept everyone dancing. A few prizes where given out to the game winners. It’s is always nice to win a private lesson! Lewis’s parties are always fun and it was great to see such a good crowd.

Thank you all for coming and supporting both Lewis & the studio!

Our series continues next month with a Party honoring Jan on May 22nd. Mark your calendars.

Competitive Skills Workshop for Adults

Kimberly Harris-Vasickova & Tomas Vasicek
April 27, 2014 10:00 AM to 4:00PM

Competitive Skills Workshop for Adults
For competitive dancers only

10AM-12PM Cha-Cha technique-First Impression
1-2:30PM Cuban Action
2:30-4PM Supervised Practice

$80 per person

Space limited-reserve your spot now

781 769 9611 or info@savariadance.com