Thank-you to all our “stars” who are performing at our Showcase

We are looking forward to our showcase on Sunday at Raffael’s.  None of it would be possible without our students who practice and practice for up to 6 months in order to perform for us. It is always a fun time and we are looking forward to watching all the performances.  Watching them again on dvd is always a surprise when you see moments that you missed. The great recording is provided by True Focus Video and the music is always great thanks to Java-Jive. The beautiful table decorations are provided by Bronwen Flowers. We are grateful the support of all the people who buy tickets for our showcases.

Thanks to  OUR STARS
Barbara Gonzales,

Carl Formichelli,

Susan Kelly, 

Mary Donnelly,

Ryan Mc Carthy,

Leslie Warner-Maloney,

Debbie Kouri,

Jeff Bodio,

Kevin Maloney,

Julie Sullivan,

Rebecca Wilson ,

Leanne Smith, 

Peggy Sergi ,

Tom Dukes ,

Liz Mc Chesney ,

Judi Cairo ,

Olga Bassett ,

Svitlana Grankovska ,

 & Beth Cilento

Also many thanks to  our great instructors

Kim Harris, Jan Ondrias, Petr Dubovsky & Lewis Inman.

And lastly thank-you to Jan Ondrias & Vivian Lessa for performing.