Leslie has started practicing her dance routines for the Spring Show

Our Spring Showcase is scheduled for Sunday, March 16, 2014 from 4-8 PM at Rafael’s in Walpole, MA.

Kevin and I have started practicing our routines for this event.  Kevin will be dancing with Kim for one routine and another on with me.  I am dancing with Jan for my second performance for the showcase.  For the first time in my dance career, I know the steps pretty well at this point  which means we can start working on the drama of each dance.  As all my fans know, I rarely perform serious dance routines.  The reason I can’t be serious on the floor is because dancing is so much fun for me.  It is my escape from the outside world.  It is always interesting to me to learn new steps and then make them fun.  I have been known to make my dance partners laugh so much that they have to stop dancing and walk away to regroup before dancing with me again.  I am excited to perform both of my showcase and I hope that everyone can attend this Savaria Dance Studio Event!!!  Please see our web site for more information.  Keep warm!!!